Avengers cake topper made in home

Posted on Apr 16, 2013 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Avengers cake topper made in home would you like to have it round or rectangle? To be an edible image cake topper or Avengers figurine set on top of your birthday cake?

I always count on Amazon:

Marvel Avengers Light up Cake Topper, Decoration

It is easy to make a rectangular cake and to add the Avengers cake topper.

Note: Thank you to all my visitors for buying from Amazon through my ads, you all are helping me to pay my breast cancer treatment and keeping a healthy diet.

Homemade Super Mario birthday cake and cupcakes

Posted on Apr 4, 2013 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Last week I had to make some homemade Super Mario birthday cake and cupcakes for my little nephew birthday party!

I am more pro princess birthday party where everything is pink, you make a Hello Kitty or a Barbie cake (pink!) and easy to decorate with some pink tiaras and pink cupcakes.

But for a little boy, it is more difficult and I think more expensive to organize a birthday party even if it is for a 3 years old boy.

So I had to learn from youtube how to assembly a Super Mario birthday cake, I had to buy blue, green candies, sugar, I had some red candies in my kitchen...

I opted for this

Super Mario Bros Cake Topper 6.30 USD

If you will make some Super Mario Bros cupcakes, I am sure you'll need this Super Mario Bros figures set:

Super Mario Brothers: 2" Mini Figures Set of 18 16 USD

These toys can take a good place in your kid bedroom after the birthday party.

Enjoy the Super Mario Bros birthday party!

Frozen birthday cake topper

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