Homemade Super Mario birthday cake and cupcakes

Posted on Apr 4, 2013 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Last week I had to make some homemade Super Mario birthday cake and cupcakes for my little nephew birthday party!

I am more pro princess birthday party where everything is pink, you make a Hello Kitty or a Barbie cake (pink!) and easy to decorate with some pink tiaras and pink cupcakes.

But for a little boy, it is more difficult and I think more expensive to organize a birthday party even if it is for a 3 years old boy.

So I had to learn from youtube how to assembly a Super Mario birthday cake, I had to buy blue, green candies, sugar, I had some red candies in my kitchen...

I opted for this

Super Mario Bros Cake Topper 6.30 USD

If you will make some Super Mario Bros cupcakes, I am sure you'll need this Super Mario Bros figures set:

Super Mario Brothers: 2" Mini Figures Set of 18 16 USD

These toys can take a good place in your kid bedroom after the birthday party.

Enjoy the Super Mario Bros birthday party!

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