Christmas cake topper ideas

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

I like to decorate the Christmas cake and I like the Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Christmas dinner, Christmas cakes and cupcakes..........

Find here the best Christmas cake topper ideas.

Santa and reindeer cupcake ring toppers

Put these cupcake rings on your treats and they'll be a sure crowd pleaser! 

The figures are 2.5 inches tall and feature Santa Claus: with a teddy bear, sack of toys, stocking & sack with teddy. The figures are very detailed and will give your cake a professional look. The figures are made of plastic.


Santa Sleigh with reindeer cake topper

Santa in sleigh with 6 reindeer

I hope you enjoy the Christmas cake toppers!

The best Christmas cake plate ideas

Posted on Nov 27, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Choose the best Christmas cake plate from the top ten Christmas cake plate.

I love to have a special Christmas cake platter to enthusiast my guests, family and friends.

I would love to try a Merry Christmas cake plate, a Snowman Christmas cake plate and an ornament tree cake plate for Xmas.

And you have here only two of my favorites Christmas cake plates.

Angry Birds cake and cupcake toppers

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

How to create an Angry Birds birthday cake is what you can find here.

I like the Angry Birds cakes and cupcakes.

A perfect cake topper for a perfect birthday party!

A set of 12 Angry Birds and Pigs are perfect for

 decorations or favors the birthday cake and cupcakes. 

Everyone loves their own cupcake and to take home a little Angry Bird is even better. 

I like the Angry Birds party theme, deocrating Angry Birds 
cupcakes, Angry Birds party invitations, Angry Birds balloons, Angry Birds candies and candles....

Pick an Angry Birds cake topper.


Smurfs birthday cake topper

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

I like to make cakes. Personalized cakes.

Smurfs are back in 2011.

Remember these little blue cuties? 

The Smurfs are back and are sweeping the nation once again with their cheerful smiles and exciting adventures. 

Enhance your Smurf collection or treat a youngster to these classic characters with this Smurf Figurine.



Disney Tangled Rapunzel Figure Set on top of the birthday cake

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Yes, you read well.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Figure Play Set was on top of my niece birthday cake.

She was so happy! Now, my little one wants to buy one set for her.

Also, the decorations were extraordinary using the Rapunzel birthday party decorations kit balloons

Princess Cake Topper

Posted on Aug 6, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

Disney Princess Candle and Cake Topper Set 7ct

For my big girl birthday, I had the one in the middle: Princess and the frog cake topper.

If you like Rapunzel, check here the post with Rapunzel birthday cake topper.

Rapunzel birthday cake topper

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

A birthday cake with a Rapunzel birthday cake topper sounds like a fairytale birthday party!

But my best friend daughter, Karin, had this kind of party at 4 years old.

I found the best Rapunzel cake topper on Amazon.

Decorate the room with Rapunzel balloons and leave the table clean for the cake.
I do not preffer to mix the cake with some cupcakes, but you can choose to add some Rapunzel cupcakes.

You can also try to add a Rapunzel doll on top of your cake and the cake can be home made with chocolate cream inside and white cream on top.

Rapunzel horse is another idea that I'll write in a new post.

My first post is about me

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Frozen birthday cake topper

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