Rapunzel birthday cake topper

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 by Elena LessIsHealthy

A birthday cake with a Rapunzel birthday cake topper sounds like a fairytale birthday party!

But my best friend daughter, Karin, had this kind of party at 4 years old.

I found the best Rapunzel cake topper on Amazon.

Decorate the room with Rapunzel balloons and leave the table clean for the cake.
I do not preffer to mix the cake with some cupcakes, but you can choose to add some Rapunzel cupcakes.

You can also try to add a Rapunzel doll on top of your cake and the cake can be home made with chocolate cream inside and white cream on top.

Rapunzel horse is another idea that I'll write in a new post.

My first post is about me

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Frozen birthday cake topper

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